Thank you for visiting our site. We created the Good Living Warehouse with a very specific purpose in mind:

1. To provide simple, easy solutions for nutrition and pain relief.

2. To educate people about how the human body works so families can live long, live well, and prevent and reverse disease naturally.

3. To educate the public about deceitful and secretive practices used by the food and drug industries.

We know that without good health everything else suffers, so it is our mission to help you and your family achieve your best life possible. We don’t carry thousands of products like other big name stores. We only carry the BEST. Our products have been scientifically tested, used by health professionals in their own offices, and have received the highest customer reviews.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form on our site.

Dr. Mark Smith

Dr. Mark SmithDr. Mark is co-owner of the Good Living warehouse, chiropractor extraordinaire, nutrition coach, consumer health advocate, writer, and science junkie. He has been immersed in the study of wellness since 1992 and aims to help families live in health and vitality so that everyone can experience life to the fullest. You can read his latest wellness articles here. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter for health tips and wellness info.

Cynthia Schwartz

Cynthia is our office manager. If you contact support, she’ll be the one helping you. Cynthia has over a decade of experience with running a store like ours, so letting her take over was seamless. With her in charge, your communication with us will be handled professionally and with the greatest of care.


Rick Sampson

Rick is in charge of local sales and product development. We have several products in various stages of production that we are very excited about, and Rick is designing these devices in partnership with Dr. Mark. Stay tuned for future announcements.



Our physical address:

Good Living Warehouse
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