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Probiotic SupplementNot all probiotics are created equal. In fact, it takes great care and understanding to get these supplements right. If you’re buying your probiotics at the supermarket or drug store, or trying to replenish good intestinal flora with processed, chemical-filled yogurt, you’re most likely throwing your money away.

Cheaply made probiotics are completely ineffective and often pass through the body without doing any good. This is one instance where you truly get what you pay for. Companies that mass-produce supplements for grocery stores and vitamin franchises are interested in selling large quantities of supplements cheaply, not in creating a quality product using the highest standards and the most current research.

Why Probiotics from Innate Choice

Dr. James ChestnutDr. James Chestnut, the founder of Innate Choice, is an expert in the science and practice of wellness and prevention. Dr. Chestnut has developed this probiotic supplement based on human genetic requirements and the most current peer-reviewed research. It is the most effective probiotic supplement available.

Clinical research indicates that probiotic lactobacilli and bifidobacteria administered in food and in capsular form are safe for human use. In actuality, they are necessary. Most every human being is deficient in healthy intestinal probiotics from birth.

Innate Choice:

  • 3rd party tested for purity, potency, and freshness.
  • Contains 9 strains of the most essential species of bacteria.
  • Over 30 billion viable organisms per serving. 
  • From 100% vegetarian culture.
  • Free from dairy, soy, wheat, and corn.
  • World’s premier probiotic formula.

Unless you have never taken an antibiotic or ingested alcohol, consume large amounts of raw fruits and vegetables and virtually no grains or sugars, and have a source of probiotics in your diet, it is virtually a certainty that you are deficient in probiotics.

I have personally met Dr. Chestnut, verified his research, and attended many of his wellness seminars. I am fully convinced this is the best probiotic supplement available. It is one of the 3 supplements I take every day.

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