Clear Voice Vocal Spray – Strawberry Lemonade – 1 oz.


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1 oz. Spray Bottle

Clear Voice Strawberry Lemonade vocal spray is a natural vocal throat spray for singers and speakers.

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Learn How To Sing Better: Vocal Spray For Singers

The Best Singing Spray For Singer!

What is Clear Voice?  Many singers have wanted to learn how to sing better.  Have you ever tried to sing at band practice without a voice or vocal spray, or in the studio and your voice was not sounding quite right?  Then it’s time for a natural throat spray.  There is no need to panic because of a pitchy, hoarse, or cracking voice. Now you can learn how to sing better with a simple singing spray.  Clear Voice is the best singing spray vocal remedy to amplify and perfect your vocal performance.  Clear Voice can help eliminate scratchy, dry, and irritated voices allowing you to sound your overall best.

How does it work? It is an all-natural blend of herbs including, Tylophora, Osha Root, Aloe Vera, Marjoram, and Vegetable Glycerin. This blend of herbs keeps the throat moist, minimizing the dryness that can lead to coughing and cracking while singing.
Clear Voice is great for shows, recording new vocals (when perfection is a must), touring night after night, or just for band practice in the garage. There are four fantastic flavors to choose from: Cherry-apple, Honey-lemon, Fresh mint, and Strawberry-Lemonade. It can be used as often as needed, before you sing to warm up, in between songs, or after a show to soothe and prepare your voice for the next day.

Who uses it? It is used by thousands of bands, many of which are on tour or play several times per weeks and use Clear Voice vocal spray to help them sounding their best.  See our testimonials to see why they rely on Clear Voice.

Clear Voice Strawberry Lemonade natural vocal throat spray for singers and speakers.

If you depend on your voice for your job, then you have probably tried everything to bring back a lost voice or relieve a sore throat. Use of a natural throat vocal spray may be just what you need. Singers, reporters, teachers are all people who need their voices to do their jobs, so it’s important to have a handy therapy available if their voice starts to go. That therapy is Clear Voice vocal spray! This natural mix of herbs was formulated to reduce the dryness in the throat that can lead to cracking and coughing.

All types of performers have relied on Clear Voice strawberry lemonade natural vocal throat spray because of its ability to allow them to perform at a high level night after night. All you have to do is spray the product into the back of your throat before your next performance and you’ll hear the difference.