PuraDyme – MSM – 180 Capsules


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180 Capsules

It’s not only the food in your life, but the Liyf in your food!

**Product is best if used by 3 years past Date of Manufacture (D.O.M)**

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MSM is getting an increased amount of attention in the health field and the results reported are remarkable, to say the least!

What is so great about this and how can it work for you? MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), or organic sulfur, is the third most prominent compound in our bodies, directly behind water and sodium. Sulfur is a mineral we receive from consuming fresh, raw foods-primarily fruits, vegetables, meat, milk and seafood. Dr. Stanley Jacob of the University of Oregon Medical School researched MSM and determined that it is as safe and as important as vitamin C in our diets.

MSM is an important ingredient in several of the critical amino acids that are the flexible bond between proteins contained in our muscles. It plays a major role in healthy body functions by making cell walls permeable, allowing nutrients and water to flow freely and toxins to be eliminated. It is essential in the stimulation of growth of connective tissues.

Our bodies are structured on a molecular level and we continually produce new cells every day. When a cell dies, a new cell takes its place. Without the needed amount of MSM, it attaches but becomes rigid. When tissues lose their flexibility, problems develop with the lungs and other parts of the body. The sulfur-containing structural protein that is found throughout the body is in the epidermis of the hair follicles, in the bronchial epithelium of the lungs, in intestinal mucosa and is extremely abundant in the nails. In fact, fingernails have more sulfur than any other part of the body!


  • MSM  – 2340mg
  • Vitamin C (Acerola Cherry)-120mg
  • Protease -6000 HUT
  • Amylase- 1200 DU
  • Lipase – 360 FIP
  • Cellulase- 1000 CU
  • Phtyase- 60PU
  • Puradyme Cofactor Whole Food Blend-100mg
  • (Quinoa Sprouts, Fennel Seed, Rose Hips,Orange, Broccoli, Bell Pepper, Carrot)


Take 4 Capsules daily with a full glass of purified water.

Do Not Use if Safety Seal is Broken
Store in Cool, Dry, Place, Best Refrigerated.
Keep Tightly Sealed

Puradyme Commitment to Quality:

No Toxic Fillers, No Binders, No Extenders, No Excipients, No Preservatives, No Heavy Metals, No Stimulants, No Gluten, No Soy, No Lactose, No Animal Derivatives, No Microbes or Fungi, No Chemicals or Solvents, No Harmful Substances, No Artificial Sweeteners, No Sugars




Our vitamins, also known as enzyme co-factors, are derived from 100% whole food. Our whole food enzyme co-factors include: Quinoa Sprouts, Fennel Seed, Rose Hips, Orange, Broccoli, Bell Pepper, & Carrot.

  • Quinoa Sprouts-Rich in amino acids
  • Fennel Seed– Helps clean the liver, spleen, and billiary bladder
  • Rose Hips- Rich in Vitamin C, rose hips have numerous health benefits
  • Vitamins/Minerals– Enzyme Co-factors.

Q. What are the Capsules made out of?

A. Vegetable Cellulose