Terry Naturally Europharma – Acid-A-Med – 100 Capsules


100 Capsules

Supports Calcium Metabolism and Proper pH Levels.

• Facilitates calcium metabolism
• Supports optimal acid-alkaline (pH) balance
• Proper pH levels keep calcium in a healthy balance
• Optimizes delivery of calcium systemically


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• Supports healthy calcium metabolism in the neck, spine, and heels
• Supports proper pH around bone leading to a healthy calcium balance*

Can I take Acid-A-Med every day or just for short-term use?

You can use Acid-A-Med either way. People have had success using these ingredients every day for ongoing pH maintenance and for short term use. Feel free to self-regulate when you begin to notice results. Because Acid-A-Med works so well with your body, it is best to take your cue from your activity level. If you need more support after you stop using Acid-A-Med, simply begin taking it again.

Is Acid-A-Med a calcium supplement?

No. Although Acid-A-Med contains calcium, the supplement is intended to support healthy mineral metabolism, rather than bone-building. For supporting strong bones, we suggest OsteoStrong™.*

Is it okay to take acidifying ingredients?

Yes. This type of targeted approach is much different than eating an acidifying diet that could potentially affect your overall pH balance. In the case of Acid-A-Med, your body actually uses these ingredients to support healthy bone metabolism, especially on the surface on the bone.*

Can I take this product with my regular calcium supplement?

Of course. But it’s important to remember that calcium needs to be part of a family of supportive nutrients, including magnesium, vitamin K, and vitamin D to properly build bone. You want to avoid supplements that only provide calcium as a single ingredient because calcium requires a variety of vitamins and minerals for proper utilization. Acid-A-Med supports the interfaces between bones and ligaments, tendons, or nerves, not the bone itself. So while Acid-A-Med supports proper bone metabolism, you still need the required nutrients from a bone-building supplement like OsteoStrong™.*