Terry Naturally Europharma – Iodine Co-Factors – 120 Capsules


120 Capsules

Iodine Co-Factors™ contains the necessary elements that are required to maximize iodine absorption and assimilation. This product was formulated to be used along with the Terry Naturally® Tri-Iodine™ or Thyroid Care™ products.

  • Selenium
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B1
  • Riboflavin
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese


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Make Iodine More Effective!
Iodine Co-Factors
 contains the necessary elements that are required to maximize iodine absorption and assimilation. This product was formulated to be used along with the Terry Naturally®Tri-Iodine® or Thyroid Care™ products.

You Need Iodine. Iodine Co-Factors Helps Make It Work.
Every cell in your body needs iodine, but some people need additional nutrients for it to work at its best. Iodine Co-Factors provides ingredients recognized as important partners to this crucial mineral:

  • Selenium acts synergistically with iodine and plays a role in iodine’s availability to cells. Additionally, selenium protects the thyroid gland from oxidative stress, which may occur during the conversion of iodide to iodine.*
  • Vitamin C supports healthy tyrosinase activity, a required enzyme for energy metabolism and thyroid hormone production.*
  • Thiamin (B1) helps activate the thyroid hormone and thyroglobulin protein production.*
  • Riboflavin assists iodine in the synthesis of the thyroid hormone, thyroxine (T4).*††
  • Magnesium improves the absorption and utilization of iodine.*
  • Manganese is essential for the conversion of glucose to cellular energy and aids in iodine’s support of balanced metabolism.*

If you don’t feel you are getting all the benefits from iodine that you desire, Iodine Co-Factors may be the missing link!

Why is manganese important to the formula?

Manganese is an essential trace mineral, meaning that it is vital for body function but only small amounts are needed. It plays several important roles in the body, and is important for enzyme function, the breakdown of fats and cholesterol, skin repair, bone formation, carbohydrate metabolism, thyroid hormone production, and more.*

Why would someone need additional nutrients to get optimal benefits from iodine?

For many people, iodine alone or with L-tyrosine is enough. But for some individuals, additional nutrients are needed to help them use iodine to its fullest potential. Anyone who has been supplementing with iodine, but doesn’t feel they are getting the results they desire, should consider adding Iodine Co-Factors to their regimen.*

Should I take this product if I’m NOT also taking supplemental iodine?

Iodine Co-Factors can certainly be taken by itself—it contains essential vitamins and minerals that everyone needs. However, it was specifically designed to be used in combination with the iodine-containing products Thyroid Care and Tri-Iodine.