Dr. Schulze’s – BOWEL FLUSH “SHOT” – 3 Pack


Flush the digestive nightmare out of your bowel by morning!

  • FLUSHES everything out of your entire gastro-intestinal system by the following morning
  • PROMOTES regular, healthy and complete bowel movements
  • ONE “SHOT” is all you need

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Dr. Schulze’s Proprietary Cathartic Formulae: Senna Leaf and Pod, Cascara Sagrada Aged Bark; Dr. Schulze’s Proprietary Carminative Formulae: Hawaiian Yellow Ginger Root, Peppermint Leaf and Oil, Anise Seed; Dr. Schulze’s Proprietary WormEx Formulae: Agrimony Herb, Black Walnut Hulls, Cinchona Bark, Clove Bud, Goldenseal Root, Thyme Leaf


The Senna and Cascara Sagrada make this a very strong formula designed to increase peristalsis—the natural muscular action of the bowel—and to empty the entire contents of your bowel out the very next morning. It is also loaded with Hawaiian Yellow Ginger Rhizome, which helps drive everything in a downward direction from your mouth to your anus. It also contains Peppermint Spirits to increase the muscular contractions and empty all the fecal matter in your bowel (without causing spasms). It also contains Anise Seed, which will help relax the bowel and expel gas. Lastly, it contains my Herbal Anti-Parasite Complex, consisting of Agrimony, Black Walnut, Cinchona (a famous herb from South America that contains quinine and kills even the malaria parasite), Clove, Goldenseal and Thyme. These herbs, working together, are famous for destroying parasites (the larvae, eggs, and adult parasites) and getting all of this out of your body.


All you ate today was grease, fat, sugar, calories, cholesterol, free radicals, heavy metals, toxic chemicals and toxic food, and now you’re exhausted, bloated, guilty, sick to your stomach and literally full of crap. Now, you can eliminate your digestive nightmare, relax and get a good night’s sleep. First thing in the morning, all of this garbage will be out of you. This herbal “SHOT” is for those times when we overindulge, eat food we know we shouldn’t or just eat too much.

Whether it was Mom’s famous meatballs, Dad’s backyard barbeque, Aunt Betty’s cookies, a friend’s potluck or simply a night of fast food, junk food, greasy food or mystery food. Look, it’s bad enough what you ate and how much you ate, but let’s not suffer anymore. STOP beating yourself up—let’s just get it out of you and START over.


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