Garden of Life – Perfect Cleanse Kit w/ Organic Fiber


Toxin load can build up from exposure to air, water, and food. Excess toxins can make you feel lethargic, tired, run down and also impact your health in other ways. Cleansing can reduce the toxic load on your body, and now there is a whole new way to cleanse – one that you can do easily that fits your schedule.

  • 10 Day, 3 Part Kit
  • Natural and Easy to Use
  • Does Not Require Fasting
  • Cleanse, Capture, and Remove Toxins
  • Free of Gluten and Potential Allergens
  • No Stimulant Laxatives

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  • A whole new way to cleanse to maintain optimal cell, tissue, and organ function.
  • Natural and easy to use, 10 day internal cleanse system for use in the evening, does not require fasting and will not disrupt every day activities.
  • Three easy steps that gently work in synergy with the body’s own internal detoxification system to cleanse, capture, and remove toxins from the body.
  • Comprehensive, self contained kit that provides triple action benefits through three individual, all natural product components.
  • Free of gluten and other potential allergens such as nuts, soy, eggs and milk.
  • Contains no stimulant laxatives.


Your body is constantly working to eliminate toxins through the lungs, kidneys, digestive system and particularly the liver. Every minute of every day a properly functioning liver eliminates small amounts of toxins, heavy metals, bacteria and other impurities from the blood before returning it into circulation. A healthy liver utilizes complex enzymatic processes to metabolize toxins so they can be easily excreted from the body. Normally the liver secretes about a quart of bile a day to carry processed non-functional, non-nutrient environmental compounds and their metabolites, as well as compounds your body normally makes such as cholesterol, to the intestine where they are carried out of the body.

  1. A healthy liver plays an essential role in the elimination of toxins by minimizing their accumulation in the body.
  2. Perfect Cleanse Purify contains botanicals traditionally used to support normal detoxification functions.*


Trapping and binding toxins secreted through the bile for transport from the body is crucial for effective support of the body’s internal detoxification and cleansing functions.* If the impurities are not bound by fiber, they become subject to re-absorption and recirculation by your body, ending up where they started, leaving you no better off. Fibers trap toxins in the gastrointestinal tract, binding them and their metabolites for transport out of the body.

Dietary fibers are capable of absorbing non-functional metals, environmental pollutants and impurities your own body creates in the gastrointestinal tract

  1. Specifically selected for their exceptional absorbing capacity that facilitates the effective elimination of entrapped toxins.*
  2. Combined in a specific ratio to maximize their ability to resist the breakdown and fermentation by your intestinal flora.*

Organic fibers do not bring additional toxins into the body, a significant advantage over conventional grown fibers. Perfect Cleanse Capture contains only certified organic fibers.


Assisting the trapped toxins move smoothly through the digestive tract, gently sweeping the colon of accumulated waste is the final step in Perfect Cleanse™. Powerful stimulant laxatives such as Cascara sagrada and senna are not used in Perfect Cleanse, because they can irritate the delicate layer of the intestine so that it sheds – stimulating bowel movements. This harsh action can cause cramping, bloating and worse.

If there was only one word to describe Perfect Cleanse Remove, the final step in the Perfect Cleanse journey, it would have to be “gentle.”

  1. Designed to support effective elimination of intestinal content.*
  2. Eliminates toxins secreted through the bile as a part of the normal detoxification process and toxins trapped within the absorbent matrix of dietary fibers.*

Warning: If you have a gall bladder condition do not use before consulting your physician. If you suffer from Inflammatory Disorder or recurrent diarrhea, do not use Perfect Cleanse™ as bowel movements will likely increase.

Expect some changes in your bowel movements, as they may be softer, vary in color and occur more frequently. It may take a few days for bowels to adjust. As every individual is different, results may vary. If you experience cramping or diarrhea, make sure you are drinking the recommended amount of water and if discomfort continues, reduce the amount of the Perfect Cleanse™ Remove.

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