Coral LLC – Cinnamon 6 – 243 Capsules


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243 Capsules

  • Supports Healthy Blood Sugar with Herbal Extracts
  • High Amounts of Cinnamon Extract and Powder
  • Might Assist in Maintaining Weight Loss
  • NO Wheat or Dairy
  • Made in the USA

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Save $$ on this product with Multi-Packs

Coral LLC is committed to providing our customers the finest herbal extracts which have been found around the world by master botanical specialists.

Discover what ancient Chinese, Aborigine and South American Natives have known for centuries about the powerful effects that herbs such as Cinnamon, Gymnema Sylvestre, Bitter Melon and Nopal Cactus provide. Experience what thousands of Coral LLC customers already know- Cinnamon 6 WORKS and we guarantee it!

Cinnamon 6 Supplement Facts