Dr. Schulze’s – DIGESTIVE “SHOT”


A powerful, fast solution to your digestive upsets!

  • Works FAST on severe digestive disturbances
  • COMBATS gas, bloating, heartburn and nighttime digestive upsets
  • PROMOTES better digestion

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Dr. Schulze’s Proprietary Digestive Formulae: Hawaiian Yellow Ginger Root, Peppermint Leaf and Oil, Fennel Seed; Dr. Schulze’s Proprietary Digestive Enzyme Formulae: Papaya Purée with enhanced Papain Enzyme, Pineapple Purée with enhanced Bromelain Enzyme


This herbal complex contains the three most powerful “digestive aid” herbs known: Peppermint Spirits, Ginger Rhizome and Sweet Fennel Seeds. Plus, Dr. Schulze has added his enhanced Papain Papaya purée and his enhanced Bromelain Pineapple purée. Both Papain and Bromelain are powerful digestive enzymes. Together, they help break down food, while your body is also trying to break down the food in your digestive tract. They almost predigest the food for you.

This is a good tonic to have on your nightstand for those times when you go out and have a lunch or a dinner that doesn’t agree with you. It would be a great idea to take the entire “SHOT” before you go to bed. If you didn’t and you wake up in the middle of night with that horrible burning in your throat, well, take the “SHOT” now, if you’re in trouble. Just shake it up, take the entire “SHOT” and you will be able to go right back to sleep!


This formula is a powerful solution to your digestive problems, as it provides you with the natural enzymes you need to properly digest your food, assimilate its nutrients and eliminate the leftover waste. It also includes the powerful herbal phytochemicals that relieve gas and digestive complaints.

Dr. Schulze’s Digestive “SHOT” contains 10 droppersful of his Digestive Tonic, which is the amount he would have given you if you came to his clinic with a digestive disturbance, like gas, bloating, indigestion…anything. You’ll notice when you take it that it’s POWERFUL and it WORKS. As Dr. Schulze says, “It’s a WOW!” This “SHOT” is to be used on an as-needed basis, taken before a meal to assist, aid and promote better digestion, and after a meal or before bed to prevent any digestive disturbances.