Terry Naturally Europharma – GingerMed + TURMERONES – 60 Softgels


60 Softgels

GingerMed™ + Turmerones provides antioxidant defense with powerful compounds from ginger and turmeric oils. While each ingredient is independently effective, together they are unbeatable.


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The ginger and turmeric oils in this high-potency formula are concentrated to deliver their key active compounds for maximum benefits.*

  • Ginger is a botanical relative of turmeric. In recent years, leading research shows that components of ginger oil—including gingerols and shogaols—support healthy cellular function.
  • Turmerones from turmeric oil, a previously overlooked component of turmeric, have effects that are similar to curcumin. Emerging research shows that turmerones have unique benefits as potent antioxidants that optimize your cells’ own protective abilities.*

Why turmerones?

Turmerones from the unique CO2-extracted turmeric oil can provide amazing health benefits. Turmerones have been studied for their support of cellular health, and work synergistically with the gingerols and shogaols of the ginger oil in the formula.*

I see that the ginger and turmeric are “supercritical CO2 oils” in this formula. What does “supercritical” mean?

Supercritical CO2 extraction uses carbon dioxide in liquid form, which is odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic. Supercritical CO2 extraction works at very low temperatures, preserves sensitive plant constituents, and avoids the risk of biologically active components being destroyed by oxidation. CO2 extracts are highly concentrated and offer the highest level of key active constituents that are found in the plant or oil.

Occasional inflammation due to exercise or overuse