Foods Alive – Golden Berries – Organic – 8 oz.


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Known as Incan Berries, Aztec Berries, Cape Gooseberries or ground cherries in different parts of the world, these tangy berries are a favorite among both children and adults. Though originally from Peru, Physalis peruviana grows in many parts of the world today, from South Africa to the United Kingdom to New Zealand. Golden berries are sweet and tart, which make it a popular ingredient in cookies, desserts, and other baked goods, as well as salads, yogurts, cereals, and trail mixes.


Golden Berries contain significant amounts of polyphenols (normally found in grapes and red wine), and carotenoids, powerful elements of human health.


Enjoy these sweet berries by the handful or add them to your trail mixes, granolas, cereals, yogurts, baked goods, and so much more!


Raw golden berries*
*Organic Ingredient

Shelf Life: 2 years
Country of Origin: Peru