Original Bones – OrthoBone Pillow in Velour


  • Colors – brown, cream, black, gray, blue, orange and green.
  • Soft velour fabric
  • Resilient and hypoallergenic polyester filling
  • 15 inches long, 14 inches deep (15 inch center circumference)
  • Zipper access for customizing your level of support
  • Machine washable


OrthoBone Pillow

The OrthoBone was developed to promote proper support for the neck and head.  The “bone” portion of the pillow will cradle the neck while the pillow extension will provide gently support the head throughout the night.  Whether you sleep on your side or back, the OrthoBone will help you remain in-line and wake refreshed.

Why Original Bones?

The cervical spine is made up of seven vertebrae and is designed to have a healthy degree of curvature.  Should the curvature become lost, negative issues like pain, stiffness, and tension can result. By training the vertebrae C1 – C7 with a product that offers the proper support, you may avoid unwanted stress and tension.*

Restores Natural Curvature. Original Bones were designed to restore the natural curvature of your spine by providing support for the head and neck that you can’t get with your normal pillow.*

Relax and Realign. The Original Bones provide a healthy support while napping or even at bed time, continuing to provide proper spinal health, day and night.*

Promotes Good Ergonomic Health. Original Bones provide lumbar support to promote proper spinal alignment and comfort.

Reduces Pain. Better spinal positioning reduces pressure on nerves and discs.*