Wilderness Family Naturals – Organic Coconut Sap Sugar – 1 lb.


1 lb.

Wilderness Family Naturals ‘ Coconut Sap Sugar is light brown color and an all-natural sweetener that tastes a bit like brown sugar but has all the natural goodness of coconut water.

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Coconut Sugar is a natural, high energy food source made by collecting sweet sap from the flowering stem at the top of the coconut tree called an inflorescence. The inflorescence is carefully clipped and then bent into a bamboo container for collection. Twice a day, these trees are climbed and bamboo containers switched out. It is usually the men and sons who do this, and to watch them climb the trees is amazing! The collected sap is transported into a tiled, clean kitchen where it is brought to a light simmer to concentrate the sugars. Once crystals begin to form, the solution is removed from the heat and crystallization of the entire basin occurs rapidly.

The women working in the kitchen grind the crystals while they are still moist, to break them into very small, fine grains. These grains are packaged into 10 kg bags and transported to the Quality Control Center. The over 700 families who make this Coconut Sap sugar, all bring their products here where it is further dried and tested for moisture content, particle size and microbes. It is from this site, that ocean going containers arrive and are filled with product bound for America.

Coconut Sugar can be used to sweeten any of your favorite beverages, sauces, marinades or dishes. Most people use it as a replacement for white, refined sugar in their recipes.

Ingredients: **Organic coconut sap sugar.