Terry Naturally Europharma – Hair Renew Formula for Healthy Hair Growth Multi-Packs


60 Softgels

2 and 3 Packs

Unlike shampoos and conditioners, which may only temporarily improve the outward appearance of your hair, Hair Renew Formula™ provides a balance of nutrients to support hair from the inside.

  • Millet Seed Oil – Supports Keratin Production
  • Biotin – Renews Follicles and Hair Roots
  • B Vitamins – Provides Cellular Strength for Hair Follicles
  • Zinc – Improves Hair Quality, Especially Dry and Brittle Hair


Hair Renew by Terry Naturally (EuroPharma).

Millet Seed Oil Extract—a unique, clinically studied botanical rich in minerals and amino acids that support production of keratin, the main hair building block.

Biotin—is essential in the renewal process of the follicles and roots of the hair that are already growing. Supporting healthy hair growth can result in thicker, more lustrous hair.

B Vitamins—supports energy production in the fast-growing cells in hair follicles that are required for structural support.

Zinc—shown to improve hair quality, especially dry, brittle hair.

These components, along with other key ingredients in Hair Renew Formula™, combine to provide maximum nutrient support for healthy hair growth.*

How does hair grow?

Hair is composed of keratin, a special protein that is also found in skin and nails. Each hair, contained in a follicle, goes through regular cycles of growth and rest. Scalp hair grows about ½ inch per month. The typical person loses about 50-100 hairs every day.

Most people do not associate hair and its growth as part of a living structure of the body. For hair to grow and have the outward appearance of thick, shiny and lustrous hair, it too needs nutrients that are critical for healthy hair. We have come to believe that to have beautiful hair we only have to treat our hair with shampoos, conditioners and cosmetic products to improve the quality of our hair. While certainly high quality hair products are important to improve the shine and look of our hair, they can never effectively nourish the hair root and shaft for new hair growth and quality.

How much should I use?

That depends on your situation. For healthy hair, we recommend 2 softgels daily. For more advanced needs, you can boost that to 4 softgels daily, and for serious hair concerns, consider 6 softgels daily.