Dr. Schulze’s – SUPERFOOD 100 KIDS – 90 Vegan Tablets


The easiest way to give your child the best nutrition!

  • SMALLER TABLETS, easier to swallow
  • Nutrient Rich formula provides over 100% of your child’s RDI of Vitamins A, B, C and E
  • Over 500% of Vitamin B12 for a natural ENERGY BOOST
  • PROTEIN-PACKED with over 40% protein by volume
  • Super Nutrition to BOOST the Immune System
  • 100% Natural, 100% Vegan, 100% Herbal Food Nutrition that ASSIMILATES IN SECONDS

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Organic Acerola Cherry, Palm Fruit, Wild-Harvested Spirulina Algae, Organic Blue-Green Algae, Chlorella Broken-Cell Algae, Organic Barley Grass, Organic Alfalfa Grass, Organic Wheat Grass, Organic Purple Dulse Seaweed, Organic Rose Hips, Organic Lemon Peel, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Beet Root, Organic Spinach Leaf, in a base of Dr Schulze’s Proprietary Non-Fermentable Saccharomyces cerevisiae Yeast


Dr. Schulze has created this special formula just for kids. This new, smaller tablet is packed with powerful herbal food nutrition that assimilates in seconds providing 100% of your child’s RDI of Vitamins A, B, C and E—and over 500% of Vitamin B12 for ENERGY!

These essential nutrients support and manufacture immune cells, rebuild immune organs and create the vital chemicals your child needs to shake off an infection caused by a cold or flu.

And, SuperFood 100 Kids uses the same concentrated formula found in SuperFood 100, but in a smaller dosage—a smaller, easy-to-swallow tablet.


SuperFood 100 was designed to get you the NUTRITION you need and the ENERGY you want, all from natural sources using only herbs and foods. Clean, vegan and all-natural, it will supply 100% of your major vitamins, plus over 500% of your Vitamin B12 for energy, in just three tablets per day.