Dr. Schulze’s – BRAIN FORMULA


Improves memory and sharpens concentration!

  • STIMULATES circulation and REDUCES congestion in the brain
  • INCREASES oxygen and blood flow to the brain
  • SUPPORTS healthy hearing and eyesight




Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, Rosemary Leaf and Flower, Kola Nut, Habanero Pepper


Ginkgo Biloba increases blood and oxygen flow to the brain. It has been clinically proven to support brain health. It even increases memory capability, helps dementia, promotes a sense of physical and emotional well-being, enhances healthy hearing and eyesight and much, much, more. Dr. Schulze personally witnessed the miraculous healing power of this plant in his clinic. He saw firsthand the powerful ability of Ginkgo Biloba and many other similar herbs, to increase brain circulation and function. It was a powerful and effective aid to circulatory health, positive mental attitude and many more problems related to poor circulation.

Ginkgo is 100 times more effective when mixed with CAYENNE! Cayenne increases the blood flow to your head faster and more effectively than any other herb known. This is why, when you take it, your face turns red. In the clinic, Dr. Schulze saw that the main source of his patients’ complaints was due to a lower blood flow to the affected part of their body, blocking it off from the vitality of the rest of their body. When this area became blocked off, separated, congested or constipated, health problems always moved in. The bottom line: Cayenne unblocks and brings LIFE back to the WHOLE body.

Dr. Schulze used Ginkgo Biloba in his clinic for years and saw good results, but it wasn’t until he mixed it with Cayenne Pepper that he saw the real healing power of Ginkgo Biloba, and what this miracle herb could do for the brain.


The brain, just like any organ, needs to assimilate nutrition, and then eliminate waste. When the brain gets constipated, this blockage and subsequent backup of waste, toxins, sludge, schmutz, goo, plaque, whatever you want to call it, causes your brain to get congested, which can then cause a thousand diseases, from Alzheimer’s, premature dementia, senility, eye and hearing disorders to paralysis. Alzheimer’s disease alone will affect over 14 million Americans within the next decade.


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