Dr. Schulze’s – ANTI-I FORMULA – 0.5 fl. oz.


Cleanses and protects any wound!

  • NEW brush-on cap coats the wound, not your clothes or the floor
  • NEW improved formula seals the wound to keep dirt and germs out, promoting faster healing
  • 12 herbs and resins disinfect, destroy bacteria, virus and fungus

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Garlic Bulb, Goldenseal Root, Usnea Herb, Myrrh Resin, Echinacea Angustifolia Root, Echinacea Purpurea Seed, Tea Tree Oil, Bayberry Root Bark, Kelp Leaf, Dulse Leaf, Black Walnut Inner Hull, Habanero Pepper


When Dr. Schulze was in his 20s, he smeared fresh pine sap over a cut on his hand and two things happened. First, the sap stayed on the wound for days and never came off—even in water—and it totally protected the wound from dirt. Second, after only a few short days, the wound healed and never became infected.

Dr. Schulze knew that tree resins were the blood of trees which sealed and protected a tree’s wounds, so he dissolved tree resins into his herbal tinctures, and discovered one of his favorite formulas.

We use a high alcohol concentration in this formula to dissolve the tree resins. On your skin, the alcohol evaporates and the resins leave an invisible, protective, antiseptic coating over the wound that won’t wash off with water.

The resins are powerful and when they are added to the eight other herbs and three iodine-rich herbs, they neutralize contaminants on contact.


This formula is excellent for any cut or wound. It cleanses and covers the wound with a protective coating.

Anti-I Formula contains many herbal compounds that make it next to impossible for germs and bacteria to survive. First, the Cayenne in this formula will stop the bleeding. Next, to destroy any and all pathogens (germs, bacteria and the like), the formula contains the very powerful botanical infection fighters Garlic, Goldenseal, Usnea Lichen, Tea Tree Oil and Echinacea Root. The Echinacea will also stimulate a local immune response.