Promotes prostate health and reduces pressure!

  • RELIEVES unwanted pressure on the urethra and INCREASES the flow of urine
  • REDUCES the frequency of nighttime urination, which lets you sleep through the night again




Saw Palmetto Berry, Uva Ursi Leaf, Juniper Berry, Pygeum Bark, Nettle Root, Corn Silk


“I ran into my old plumber at American Botanical Pharmacy. He reminded me that a few years ago, he could hardly pee and was waking up all night long. I had suggested my Prostate Formula, and he said that since he’d started taking it, he has been sleeping like a baby all night and peeing a powerful stream ever since. I have heard this same report in the past from thousands of my male patients.”

– Dr. Schulze

In his clinic, Dr. Schulze had many men who used his Prostate Formula to achieve optimum prostate health—even those whose prostates were enlarged due to infection, swelling or worse. The herbs in this formula naturally promote the flow of urine and will also maintain healthy prostate size.

Dr. Schulze made men adhere to a vegetarian diet, which also naturally reduces prostate enlargement. The vegetarian food program is fundamental. This is not a moral issue; it’s scientific. Farmers are constantly injecting cows and chickens with steroids and growth hormones to make bigger animals that have more flesh, so they can be sold for more money. Growth hormones and steroids are what you produced during puberty. They stimulate the growth of the male sexual organs and—you guessed it, the prostate. They are also directly linked to causing prostate cancer.

When patients used Dr. Schulze’s Prostate Formula along with his Foundational Herbal Formulas and a vegetarian food program, ALL of them experienced significant improvement in urination as a result of their prostates functioning better.


Because he gets a lot of questions on what the best program is for prostate health, Dr. Schulze has broken it down here to three BASIC LEVELS for you…

Maintaining a healthy prostate

Any man over 40 years of age who is trying to maintain a healthy prostate should take 1 dropperful of Prostate Formula three times a day, until the bottle is gone. Do this at the beginning of the month, for three straight months, once every year.

Also, make a conscious effort to eat less meat. Split your meat entrées with your partner. Better yet, become a vegetarian. It’s better for your prostate and overall health.

If you are showing signs of a weakening prostate

Anyone having signs and symptoms of having BPH (weak urine flow or frequent bathroom visits in the middle of the night) should take 1 to 2 droppersful three times a day continually for three months.

Eat only vegetarian food for the entire three months. I would also recommend doing at least one 5-Day BOWEL Detox during the three-month period.

If you have noticeable swelling

More extreme cases require 2 droppersful, three times a day of Prostate Formula, maybe even with an additional 2 or 3 droppersful, before they go to bed. And, they should do that continually every day for three months. Eat vegan for at least the three months, if not forever. All meats and their byproducts are alien to the body and have been proven to cause unhealthy prostate growth, and even prostate tumors.

A healthy lifestyle and food program is critical to preventing these diseases. I also recommend doing my 5-Day BOWEL Detox once a month for the three months. All the men in my clinic that had serious, doctor-diagnosed problems were put on this third-level program. The ones who followed these herbal programs found their bodies had completely healed naturally.

The Bottom Line: If you’re waking up at night to pee, don’t wait until it is too late. You’d better start doing something to support your prostate health naturally!


In the clinic, this herbal formula never failed to help Dr. Schulze’s male patients develop healthy prostates, and allowed them to urinate freely and sleep through the night.

The average male who came to the clinic with prostate concerns had to get up two or three times in the middle of the night to pee. Their urine stream was not as strong as it once was, and they experienced problems with urine force and flow. In the clinic, the program Dr. Schulze gave to all of his male patients with these common experiences was simple and it worked. Support your prostate health naturally!



Today, it is estimated that 80% of all men eventually develop an enlarged prostate.


There were over 150,000 prostatectomies performed in the U.S. last year.


A new case of prostate cancer is diagnosed every three minutes in America, and every 15 minutes another man dies from it.


By age 50, 35% of all American men have cancer growing in their prostate.


Every year, over 500,000 men get prostate cancer and over 40,000 men die from it. Prostate cancer is now the second leading cause of death in men, after heart attacks and strokes.