Dr. Schulze’s – VITALITY “10-SHOT” – 15 fl. oz.


A health and vitality supercharger!

  • A powerful and effective ENERGY and VITALITY BOOST that lasts all day long
  • Increases PHYSICAL endurance, stamina, strength, power, performance and vitality
  • Increases MENTAL focus and concentration

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Dr Schulze’s Stimulating Energy Complex: Oat Seed, Green Tea Leaf, Yerba Mate Leaf, Guarana Seed, Kola Nut, Coffee Bean; Dr Schulze’s Power Complex: Siberian Eleuthero Root, Wild American Blue Ridge Ginseng Root; Dr Schulze’s Nutritional Complex: Dr Schulze’s Proprietary Non-Fermentable Saccharomyces cerevisiae Yeast, Blue-Green Algae, Acerola Cherry; Dr Schulze’s Circulatory Complex: Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, Ginger Root, Habanero Pepper



  • 700% of Vitamin B12 ENERGY in every “SHOT”
  • Have SUSTAINED Vitality all day long
  • Feel more awake, alert and alive
  • Have better and more effective workouts
  • Have better performance at work or at play
  • Be more focused and alert


  • NO sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • NO added caffeine
  • NO crash, no jolts, no jitters and no SHOCK
  • NOT a “liquid body slam” or “train wreck in a can”



The #1 reason I created this Vitality “SHOT” was because everybody at some time or another needs more vitality—more physical energy and more mental motivation—to get themselves on a healthier program, to get what they want out of life, and herbs are a great way to get that needed VITALITY!

Also, my patients needed SUSTAINED energy—it had to last. Energy drinks, shots, sugar, chocolate and even coffee, all give you a blast, and then leave you shaky, leave you hanging, and then crashing, because they have nothing behind them. I needed something that gives you lots of energy and vitality, lots of power, and all day long, and I was able to achieve this by adding the Power, Nutritional and Circulatory herbs.

Then, when you need to rest and go to sleep, you’ll have no problems, which is not like the energy drinks out there. And when you wake up the next morning, you won’t feel beat up. In fact, you’ll feel refreshed, nourished and invigorated.

The second reason I created my Vitality “SHOT” is because of all the other toxic, chemical energy drinks out there. They don’t just waste your money; they risk your health! Unless you think sugar-water with chemical caffeine, artificial sweeteners, colors, preservatives, dyes, and maybe some “fairy-dusting” of herbs (just so they can mention them on the label) is something good for you to take. Like I said, they should call these drinks “Train Wrecks in a Can.”

My first rule when making any formula is that it must be clean, pure, organic, 100% herbal and healthy. And, if it’s one of my “SHOT” formulas, well, you know it’s going to be powerful, strong and effective.

“This is a Healthy and 100% Herbal Vitality Boost that lasts all day, has an invisible finish, lets you sleep like a baby, and leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated the next day.”

– Dr. Schulze

One of the reasons many people find it impossible to get motivated to eat better, move more, lose weight and create a healthier lifestyle is simply because we just don’t have the energy and vitality. Well, problem solved, my friends!

With my Vitality “SHOT”, I set out to make a true, natural, herbal, organic and healthy energy and vitality formula that gives you lots and lots of clean energy.

It has lots of power behind it, making you feel strong, powerful, refreshed and gives you energy all day long. Yet when it’s time for sleep, you’ll sleep like a baby, with no crash at the end. And even better, in the morning you will wake up refreshed, revitalized and feeling great!

NOTE: Previously sold as Dr. Schulze’s Energy “SHOT”.