PUREWOD PRE All-Natural Pre-Workout Powder – 576g

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PureWOD PRE has been engineered to take your CrossFit, endurance, or intense exercise to the next level. PRE will keep the burn down, keep you energized, and help push power beyond what you thought was possible.

  • Highest quality ingredients
  • Consistent energy without the crash
  • No proprietary blends
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavorings, or colorings
  • Creatine, Beta-Alanine, BCAAS, L-Carnitine, and more…

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pureWOD PRE has been engineered to take your CrossFit, endurance or intense exercise to the next level. PRE will keep the burn down, keep you energized and help push power beyond what you thought was possible.

ALL of the ingredients are at doses that actually work – with no artificial sweeteners, flavorings or colorings.

Caffeine comes from green tea, so there is a nice consistent supply of energy with no harsh crash.

BCAA, creatine, arginine are expensive raw materials, but we don’t cut corners. These are all included in amounts that make a difference, shown by research.

Coconut water powder helps with hydration and keeps you fueled throughout your workout.

PRE is best enjoyed before a workout or intense activity. Because the caffeine is sourced from green tea, many athletes claim they can use PRE at night with no effect on sleep as the caffeine is much slower acting.

Not an athlete? That’s fine too. Many people use PRE in the morning for a boost in place of coffee.

See the “Ingredient Details” tab for more info on what’s in PureWOD Pre.


Great question! We don’t use any of the binding agents or fillers that other supplement companies do. This may prevent it from mixing perfectly without any sort of foaming when shaken, but you may have peace of mind knowing that you’re not getting a bunch of unnecessary chemicals that are known to be gut irritants. The foam is okay to drink straight down and does not change the effects of pureWOD PRE or BUILD. Waiting a second or two will allow the foam to settle.

Since PRE and BUILD are so clean, they are very easy mixed by simply stirring or swirling rather than violently shaken if you want to minimize foam.


Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here! After sampling thousands of cups and selling thousands of bags of the old version, the one consistent feedback we received is that the flavor needed to be better.

Natural flavors are produced by a non-chemical reaction to take a certain part of something (in our case, apple and mango) and use part of it for flavoring purposes.

There is nothing artificial about it, however the FDA does not allow us to use “apple and mango” powder because we are not using the entire fruit, which is not only nearly impossible, but incredibly expensive. We strictly adhere to FDA guidelines unlike nearly every other manufacturer.

If you were to squeeze lemon juice out of a lemon and heat it up to concentrate it, you have to say “natural flavor” – not “heated up lemon juice that has been concentrated powder.”

There is nothing bad for you here and these flavors are actually much less “processed” and unnatural than the other whole and complete ingredients (BCAA, beta-alanine, creatine, arginine, etc.)


Not to worry! This is just the beta-alanine at work. If you’re new to pre-workouts and haven’t had an actual effective dose of beta-alanine before, you may notice a tingling sensation commonly referred to as the “beta tingle”. This is caused by stimulation to your nerve endings and the buffering of hydrogen ions to where you need them. The sensation should subside within 2-3 weeks of use.