VÄXA is Transitioning to NaturalCare

Hello Good-Livers!

We have some news concerning Vaxa Homeopathic Supplements.

Fifteen Vaxa formulas will be transitioning to “NaturalCare” with a new label. The rest of the Vaxa line of supplements is on closeout, and we have replacement items available. Detailed information about this transition can be found below. 🙂

Vaxa Transitioning Items:

  • Candid-Free (Transitioned in June)
  • Parasitin (Transitioning Early August)
  • Aller-Sine (Transitioning Mid-Late July)
  • Attend
  • Arthritin (Transitioning Early September)
  • Ocu-Care (Transitioning Early September)
  • pH Test Strips (30 Micro Strips) (Transitioning Late September)
  • pH Test Strips (100 Micro Strips) (Transitioning Late September)
  • Sinus Formula (Transitioning Late September)
  • Buffer pH (Transitioning Early October)
  • Deprex (Transitioning Early October)
  • TriPower (Transitioning Early October)
  • Attend Mini (Transitioning Late November)
  • Thyroid Formula (Transitioning Late November)
  • TriCardia (Transitioning Late November)

Transitioning items will only be changing labels. They will now be under the brand “NaturalCare.” Look for these changes in the coming months!

About NaturalCare®

NaturalCare® has offered exceptional homeopathic and dietary supplement products since 1993. Our expert formulators use their understanding of standard homeopathic medicine and historical uses of herbs to develop best sellers, including RingStop®, NerveFix®, Anxiety ReliefTM and RefluxAway®.

Our goal has always been to provide safe, effective products using traditional remedies along with current science. Benefit-focused products from NaturalCare® appeal to many consumer
segments and continue to enjoy wide acceptance from a quality, trusted brand.

Retailers and consumers have told us what a positive
impact NaturalCare® makes in their lives. We trust you
will have the same results!

Vaxa Replacements: